Illinois Auto Insurance

Most people believe that Illinois auto insurance is designed for one thing, to protect you in the event of an automobile accident. Car insurance is designed to protect you from losses or injuries arising out of an automobile accident or comprehensive claim. However, it is also there to protect your passengers, pedestrians, fellow drivers and other individuals property.


I cannot tell you how many times a month we have someone who approaches us for a car insurance quote and requests the state minimum coverages. Each state requires vehicle owners to carry a minimum dollar amount of coverage. Typically, this dollar amount is enough to fix the other individuals car or property. But, what it fails to do is adequately protect you should the unthinkable happen. Let me give you a real life example of this:

"Jane" was a client of a friends agency and she had the standard $100,000 automobile policy in force. My friend sent her multiple mailings over the prior years requesting that she at least consider increasing her coverages to $500,000 as this should adequately protect her in the event of a claim. Jane received these notices, but like most people, she simply discarded them figuring that such a loss would not happen to her.

In 2008, Jane's son ran a red light and hit a car broadside severely injuring the driver. The driver was rushed to a hospital with various injuries that were not considered life threatening according to Jane. A few hours later Jane calls my friend up and informs him that the lady her son hit was also pregnant. Jane wanted reassuring that she was covered for the losses that had been sustained. It was then that Jane realized that the letters she had been receiving regarding increasing her coverages was for this specific moment in time. Needless to say, Jane was left with a very large medical bill that had exceeded her $100,000 coverage limits. The difference in premium between the two plans was $51 per year. $51 per year and not only would Jane have bee protected but so would have the woman she hit.

As your agent, it is my responsibility to make sure you understand not only the limits of your coverages but also the risks you take by the decisions you are making. Obviously Jane has a responsibility to herself to make sure she is protected in situations like these. However, you also have a duty to protect those you injure. Who is going to pay the doctor bills for the people you injure when their bills exceed your insurance coverage? While it is your responsibility, it often times gets laid in the lap of the one you've injured. Allows us to make sure you're adequately protected. It does not cost that much more for peace of mind.

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